Website Design

I have been engaged by various businesses to design and build websites. I really enjoy working with them to create imagery and sites to display what they do and what they are passionate about; whether it be plastering, mental health or accommodation and boatyards. Click on the screens in the image above to discover some of the websites I have created. 


WordPress is one of the most common platforms to build websites with. This means that whatever you want on your website, someone has done it before and there is probably existing code to do it. Maps, weather forecasts, booking systems , shops, stock control. It’s all there.

Birch Hosting

I use Birch Hosting. While there are cheaper hosting sites available, their level of support and expertise is superb, which represents good value for money. The speed of their support is second to none, and they have been very helpful in the past. If I can’t fix something, they can!


While WordPress allows wysiwyg (what you see is what you get) page creation. Elementor takes it to a new level. For some websites the clients will update and modify pages and posts at their leisure, with support from me. It also allows custom styling and code to be used as required giving, me  full control of the final site.


Recently I hace noticed quite a few sites using bootstrap. This uses HTML, CSS and Javascript rather than the rather bulky themes and code of wordpress. So for fast simple sites it is gives greater performance and makes sites very portable. I currently have this site, The Minstead Florist, using it


I also have a number of clients that populate and keep uptodate their own websites. I host them for a yearly fee and then will support them to ensure the health and access to the website. If they require any creative or extra technical support then I help out on an hourly rate.


Image Creation, Manipulation and Storage

Images, photos, graphics are key in the design of any website. Being able to shoot, create, adjust and manipulate is a key skill to creating stunning websites. Here are the technologies I use to help me create and look after clients images.

Photographic Equipment

Sometimes clients have a lot of their own images, but I am quite happy to shoot new and original photos for them of their product, location, staff etc. I have a portable studio that I can use, or I can shoot in more natural environments. I use Sony equipment in the main, as I have found it to be excellent quality and they were a forerunner in the full frame, mirrorless cameras that give fantastic quality, especially in low light situations.


Once photos and images are gathered, I use Adobe’s Lightroom to manage and share those images with clients. They are all backed up locally and also in the cloud for safe keeping. Most edits can now be done successfully in lightroom, which is very quick and therefore cost effective. It also gives a lot of control in the size and compression of images that is important for website speed.


Some images require extensive modification or combining with other photographs or text. For this Photoshop is still the best software for doing this. I have 14 years of experience working with is as an amateur photographer and now as a web designer to call upon. I also use it to restore old photographs for friends and clients.

Final Cut Pro X

Occaisionally videos are required. These, again, can really add to a website if used sparingly. Whether it be a simple animation, a movie or slide show demonstrating a particular aspect for a client. These videos can be hosted on a clients youtube channel or on the website. I have used FCPX for a few years now. This website demonstrates its use